Gallipoli Shuttle Service

Navetta Stefano
offers a 24-hour taxi service to and from Gallipoli.

Ask for your shuttle to take you to Brindisi and Bari airports, Lecce railway station, bus terminals, Gallipoli's beaches and discos, and to your favourite places in Salento. A shuttle in Gallipoli is always ready to meet your travel needs, taking you to your destination at the agreed time. You travel in total tranquillity, free from the stress of traffic and the thought of having to search for a parking space, especially after a night out at the discotheque.

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Shuttle Stefano provides an efficient private shuttle service with driver 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, ready to meet all your travel needs, getting you to your chosen destinations in comfort and on time. The vehicle is approved to transport up to nine passengers and is equipped with all comforts such as air conditioning and radio. A large rear compartment will allow convenient storage of your luggage inside the vehicle. With Stefano's shuttle service, you will have the easiest way to get around Gallipoli. With access to all restricted traffic zones, you will save a lot of time by not having to find a parking space or find alternative routes to your destination; you will also have no worries about reaching beaches and discos in total safety, obviating traffic problems and penalties caused by roadside checks due to alcohol tests.

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