Rental with Driver

What is Car Rental with Driver?

– It is a public service that guarantees service 24 hours a day.
– It has a municipal licence and is authorised for transit in the city centre, ZTL zones and reserved lanes.
– When you book an NCC service you know in advance how much you will spend.
– The NCC service has no meter, has a fixed price, and very often costs less than a taxi.
– The NCC service is continuous, it has no shifts, if needed you are always with the same driver and car.
– Book an NCC service and you will never queue for a taxi again, not even at the airport.
– The NCC service is extremely flexible: it can be collective or individual depending on your needs.
– The NCC service is always performed exclusively in classy, well-maintained, recently registered cars with full insurance coverage.
– The NCC driver is professionally trained. He is trustworthy, discreet, polite, elegant, punctual and courteous, and can also be multilingual.

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